Currency API

Need an API to exchange currencies?
We support more than 150 currencies and add new ones all the time. All the data is based on the National Central Banks official exchange rates.

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150+ Currencies

We have current and historical rates data for the last 10 years for more than 150 currencies.


Choose the response in the format that is suitable for you.


256-bit SSL encryption is used to ensure that all data passed between you and the api is secure.


Our average response time is 61ms. Our availability is 99.9%.

      "status": "success",
      "base_currency_code": "EUR",
      "base_currency_name": "Euro",
      "amount": 1.0000,
      "updated_date": 2021-09-23,
      "rates": {
        "GBP": {
          "currency_name": Pound sterling,
          "rate": 0.8550,
          "rate_for_amount": 0.8550
Historical Currency Data

This API can be used to fetch historical data for most of the available currencies starting from the year 2000.

Bulk Currency Exchange

Provides all available exchange rates for the required currency in one request or you can specify the currency you want to convert to.

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